• Theme:- "Increasing the urge of Material Science and Engineering with the help of recent technologies"

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Scientific Sessions

Material Science and Technology

Ceramics & Composites

Electrical, Optical, and Magnetic Materials

Graphene and Energy Materials

Smart materials and Metamaterials

Quantum Technology

Advanced Robotics, Mechatronics

Computational Materials Science

Mechanical and Electronic Engineering

Instrumentation Techniques in Materials Science

Structural & Functional Materials

Materials Physics

Metals, Alloys and Intermetallic Compounds

Biomaterials and Tissue engineering

Biofuels and Bioenergy

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

Materials Process Engineering

Minerals, Metals and Materials in Industry

Emerging Areas of Materials Science

Mining and Metallurgy

Polymers and Biopolymers

Batteries and Energy Materials

Surface Science And Engineering

Semiconductors and Superconductors

Energy Engineering

Nanoengineering and its applications